Kauai Top Activities

Kauai Stats

  • Location: 22°05′N 159°30′W
  • Area: 552.3 sq mi
  • Rank: 4th largest Hawaiian Island
  • Highest point: Kawaikini - 5,243 ft.
  • Population: 65,689
  • Density: 106/sq mi
  • Flower: Mokihana (Melicope anisata)
  • Color: Poni (purple)
  • Average Temperature 75°-85° F

Kauai is a favorite destination of many travelers due to its dramatic landscape, plethora of activities, and unhurried attitude.  As they say in Kauai, "the sidewalks roll up early" so if you are looking for varied day-time activies and quiet nights, this is the place for you!